Grapevine: Wine Cork Candles (4 count)

Grapevine: Wine Cork Candles (4 count)
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Create a beautiful ambiance with these wine inspired candles. Designed to replicate wine corks, the Grapevine Wine Cork Candles fit perfectly into any empty, clean wine bottle. Voila! Four wax candles are included with your purchase, each able to burn for up to three hours. These cork candles perfectly serve as cozy decor to warm up any room in your home , or even as a gift to your favorite wine-enthusiast. The unique design on this product is sure to add character to any room!

  • Rustic chic accent to any wine bottle
  • Includes 4 wax candles
  • Each candle burns for approximately 3 hours
  • Tapered base fits easily into any bottle
  • Makes a great gift