How to Create Christmas Magic with this Tree Light Ensemble!

The first item on my Christmas list every year is putting up the tree.

The second is digging out the endless (and I mean endless) piles of ornaments and garlands from the dark depths of the basement.

The third is, after a much needed sip of hot cocoa, finally lighting the Christmas tree.

In years past, traditional mini incandescent Christmas lights have been my go-to option. They are widely available and a classic. But let’s be honest, it’s time to try something new.

After much experimenting, many tangled messes and a few tree branch scratches (those pines are sharp), the multidimensional tree was born!

Multidimensional? As in space and time?

No science, I promise. Simply adding a variety of string lights to your tree offers much more than a traditional design.

First, we start with a must: LED bulbs. LEDs are not only energy efficient but also cool to the touch, making them my preferred Christmas tree light choice. You can plug in more than one strand without worrying about the energy bill going up (during the holidays, that's a big bonus). Plus, they are super bright (so your neighbors can admire your beautiful tree)!

Next, choose two (or more) different sized bulbs. I went with micro fairy lights and globe string lights. It’s best to have more fairy lights than globe bulbs because the larger bulbs should be an accent and not a burden to the tree.

Cover the entire tree in a plethora of mini bulbs (BTW, extra-long fairy lights are perfect for this project). Add the globe lights and stand back to appreciate your work.

Super easy, right? Now you can dive into the box of ornaments and decorate away! This look is perfect for modern, vintage and even rustic designs.

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How to Create Christmas Magic with this Tree Light Ensemble!