Romantic Luxe: Floral Table Runner Tutorial

We are deep believers in "once upon a time" and "happily ever after" ... especially when it comes to decorating!

Just like any fairy tale, there is a story behind each design.

Our own fairy godmother and stylist, Charra, tells the enchanting tale of a Romantic Luxe wedding, a whimsical exhibition of woodland mystique with wonderland accents.

Within this story are characters that transform your table into the belle of the ball.

Continue this DIY story below to learn how you can create your wedding, event or party's fairy tale ending!

1. Introducing the Characters

2. Unfolding a Story

Unwire the calla lily bouquet. 

3. Using Your Imagination

Add each calla lily by simply weaving it between the trim of the lace. Space the calla lilies out evenly.

4. Fairy Godmother's Tip: Pins

Secure the calla lilies with a pin on the opposite side of the lace.

5. Fairy Godmother's Tip: Tape

... if stick pins aren't in your drawer, add clear tape instead. The calla lilies are light in weight and should be easily secured by the tape.

6. Happily Ever After

Repeat the step with other flowers, such as our faux tulips, for the rest of your table runners (each tulip can be plucked from its bouquet stem, and even replaced for later use). Decorate your table with these runners and add your favorite mercury glass accents, candles and floral to complete your story. 

Check out our Romantic Luxe Lookbook for more inspiring ideas.

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