Glitterville: The Story of a Man and His Chicken

"Why don't you just make every day a holiday?"

Sage advice from Stephen Brown's nana ... advice that would later become the foundation and motto for his company, Glitterville.

The Glitterville collection is so much more than, well, glittery. Sugary pops of color leap from whimsical designs reminiscent of Candy Cane Lane, and twinkling garland is strung from corner to corner.

Just like glitter, his collection shimmers and shines bright, capturing the hearts and attention of some of America's biggest stars. Glitterville's Paris Flea Market Dinnerware and Sorbet Untensils were featured on Oprah's 'O' List, instantly making them a nationwide must-have.

If your heart desires vibrant colors, thrives on edgy designs and relishes high quality detail, Glitterville was made just for you.

Stephen's Story

Stephen's crafting obsession nearly killed him once. Well, not really, but if there had been a real fire, it could have. He often recalls the time in first grade when he stayed behind in a classroom when a fire alarm went off, in order to finish his colored popcorn kernel Christmas tree (don't try this at home, kids).

Glitterville: They Sparkle of Our Eye

Stephen found himself in the costume department in his adult years, designing and constructing clothes for film and television. Thankfully, he gave that up to start up the Glitterville brand (we hate to think where we'd be without the sparkle kingdom).

Along Came Dolly

Dogs and cats get all the spotlight according to Stephen. What about chickens? Enter Dolly, the silkie chicken.

Dolly became a Glittervillian after Stephen participated as a judge in Craft Wars. Host Tori Spelling had a silkie chicken, Coco, that joined her on set one day ... and it was love at first sight for Stephen.

Glitterville: They Sparkle of Our Eye

Dolly became a welcomed member of the team and an instant muse for Stephen's creations, appearing on ornaments, tiaras and table decor. Despite Stephen's struggle with handcrafting her chicken diapers, she has become just as much a part of the Glitterville brand as Stephen himself.

Glittering Inspiration

With bold colors, glitter galore and charming silhouettes, Stephen's inspiration came as no surprise to us. From Disney to Tim Burton, even Martha Stewart, Stephen finds just what he needs with the magical, the unusual and the trending. But his inspiration also stems from his passion of (you guessed it) baking:

Glitterville: They Sparkle of Our Eye

"...Most of my inspirations come from things I love like sugar cake decorations and things made from tiny pieces of frowsy chenille stems," (Source: Best Friends For Frosting).

Our Obsession With Glitterville

Once upon a time, Sarah and the Vaughans were strolling along when suddenly, something caught Sarah's eye: Paris Flea Market Plates. Stephen saw Sarah's glittering eyes and strolled on over to explain the inspiration behind the plates. Paris + Vintage + Floral Wallpaper = Instant Fan! Sarah and the Vaughans were hooked. These same plates were featured on Oprah's 'O' list and the same wallpaper designs can be found on trays and tumblers.

Glitterville: They Sparkle of Our Eye

It was Stephen's attention to detail, dedication to high quality construction and bold color palette that sold Sarah on the rest of his decor. Not to mention the pure glamorous fun behind it all! Our top seller: Stephen's ruffled cake stands.

Glitterville: They Sparkle of Our Eye

Join the Party!

An event isn't complete without the quirky allure of Glitterville. Stephen's collection of party essentials and vibrant decorations truly sets weddings, events and bakeries apart.

Glitterville: They Sparkle of Our Eye

Check out our Glitterville selection, take a looksee at the Glitterville website, and decorate to your heart's content! Be sure to tag us in your designs on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram with #lightsforall or @lightsforall.

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