Introducing: Realistic Florals

Looking to make a luxurious statement in your events and spaces? Our favorite flowers, sprigs and garlands make it easy to accomplish.

Floral bouquets, botanical accents and lush greens elevate decor with a fresh delight of texture and color.

For event planners and home owners alike, using faux florals is a must: their longevity and lifelike vibe - some even with natural touch, "real feel" textures - allow realistic plants to take a stunning, permanent, and low maintenance stage in rooms and dining spaces.

Our design team has perfectly summarized the qualities of permanent botanicals that make them the wholly realistic solution for bouquets, restaurants and five star hotel decor.

The Benefits of Realistic Florals

Forever in Bloom: they'll never wilt, bruise, age nor be adversely affected by warm or cool temperatures.

Versatile: use them again and again, easily manipulating, bending or even clipping them to suit your floral design.

Low Maintenance: no watering or special handling required - arrange them days or weeks in advance.

Unscented: more sensitive guests can breathe easy - faux botanicals won’t compete with the aroma of foods or candles.

Lightweight: easy to hold and carry, or simply to transport to your venue

Pricing Stability: your favorite flowers are available year round, and won't cost more for being exotic or out of season.

As you can see, the benefits of faux floral are many ... what's not to love?:

  • 1. Forever in Bloom
  • 2. Versatile
  • 3. Low Maintenance
  • 4. Unscented
  • 5. Lightweight
  • 6. Pricing Stability

We'd love to see your favorite ways to decorate with our realistic floral! Check out our floral collection and share your designs with us one Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram with #lightsforall or @lightsforall! Take a look at the videos below to learn more about your favorite flowers and greenery.