How to Decorate with Agate Slices

Naturally, we're always excited about our newest decor…and we really love our new collection of agate slices.

These earthly gems are the hit of the year, stylishly complementing any design or style with versatile ease. Simply adding them to home or wedding decor immediately brings a luxe modern touch to your space.

We took a look through some of our favorite blog posts to find DIY ways to bring these agate slices to life in your designs.

From wall decor to table settings, we'd like to show you a few ways to rock the rock!:


How to Decorate with Agate Slices: Turn these colorful rock pieces into coasters for your home or event!

With the help of rubber back bumpers, these agate slabs easily turn into accents for your drinkware. Give them as gifts or treat yourself to these colorful table additions.

Curtain Tie Backs

How to Decorate with Agate Slices: Use these agate slices as curtain tie backs (via Martha Stewart)!Via Martha Stewart

Drawer Pulls

How to Decorate with Agate Slices: Add a natural twist to your dresser drawer by creating agate knobs (Via Vintage Meets Glam)!Via Vintage Meets Glam

We’re knob kidding, these rock pieces can easily be turned into door, drawer, or dresser knobs. Simply glue a small door knob onto each piece and transform these geodes into uniquely functional furniture hardware.

Floral & Terrarium Accents

How to Decorate with Agate Slices: Accent your floral arrangements or terrariums with these natural rock pieces (via Making It Lovely)!Via Making It Lovely

Name Cards

How to Decorate with Agate Slices: Arrange stickers to spell out the happy couple's names on one of these agate slices!

A toast to the happy couple! Display their names on large agate slices, or use the small rocks as name cards for guests to take home. Easily craft these with stickers or metallic paint pens.

Box Decoration

How to Decorate with Agate Slices: Use this agate slice as a modern decoration on your container or jewelry box (via Hi Sugarplum!).Via Hi Sugarplum!

Wall Art

How to Decorate with Agate Slices: Frame each agate slice for a simple yet chic addition to your home (via Freckles)!Via Freckles

Framing small agate slices is a sophisticated way to bring color and the beauty of nature into your home. Using epoxy glue keeps the agate securely placed in the frame.


How to Decorate with Agate Slices: Transform these colorful rocks into wall hooks for your home (via Desert Domicile).Via Desert Domicile

Table Numbers

How to Decorate with Agate Slices: Use these rock slices as table numbers in your wedding!

Painting or arranging numbers on these agate pieces adds a natural element to your wedding centerpieces. Stand each piece up with table easels and stands to showcase these earthy beauties.


How to Decorate with Agate Slices: Paint the edges of these rocks to add a modern twist to natural beauty (via Fabric Paper Glue).Via Fabric Paper Glue

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