Fairy Lights 5 Ways

You’ve created a setting. You’ve found the perfect decor...

So what's next?

You feel like there’s something missing…and then a light bulb comes on. A micro sized, energy efficient light bulb: fairy lights.

These light strands nimbly wrap around centerpieces, illuminate displays and enchant every setting with their starry brilliance.

Suited to any theme, style or decor, these miniature lights are the finishing touch to any design.

1. Centerpieces

Embellishing centerpieces with fairy lights will brighten an entire wedding or holiday scene with a sparkling and magical glow. Arrange these micro bulbs in geometric terrarium ornaments around a cake or candy display:

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Decorate terrariums with fairy lights in a glowing gold toned centerpiece!

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Embellish your dessert table with warm white fairy lights in geometric terrariums.

Or, create a lighted wreath around candles and floral displays:

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Wrap fairy lights in organza to create a glowing wreath around your candles and mercury glass accents.

Try bundling modern holiday ornaments together with a fairy light spray woven between each one:

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Bundle geometric ornaments together and accentuate them in the warm white LED glow of fairy lights!

Pictured Above: Large Terrarium Ornament | Small Terrarium Ornaments | Gold Tone Vases | Tiered Dessert Stands | Geometric Taper Candle Holders | Gold Tone Bay Leaf Spray | Small Mercury Glass Taper Candle Holder | Large Mercury Glass Taper Candle Holder | Organza | Copper Geometric Ornament

2. Candle Holders & Vases

The fine detail of fairy lights in and around candle holders adds charming style to events and venues. Replace a candle with these flameless additions, or hightlight candlesticks and vases with the dazzling glow of these rice sized bulbs. Clear and mercury glass decor beautifully showcase the brilliance of these LED bulbs.

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Bundling fairy lights under clear glass candle sticks adds an enchanting glow to centerpieces.

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Weave a fairy light spray in between candle holders at your wedding or holiday event.

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Fill mercury glass vases with fairy lights for your rustic chic or industrial styled event!

Pictured Above: Clear Glass Taper Candle Holders | Round Striped Candle Holder | Cylinder Striped Candle Holder | Honeycomb Mercury Glass Candle Holder | Lace Runner

3. Lanterns

A captivating addition to your home or wedding, fairy lights inside a lantern imbue any decor scheme with a sense of wonder. Brighten classic hurricane lanterns, or create the perfect winter display with our mercury glass shelter filled with fairy light strands.

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Enchant your centerpiece with fairy lights emitting from our rustic lanterns.

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: The perfect winter display begins with this mercury glass lantern and fairy lights.

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Abound a hurricane lantern in fairy light elegance for romantic lighting at your wedding.

Pictured Above: Wood Candle Lantern | Lighted Birch Garland | Honeycomb Candle Holder | Natural Elm Twig Pot | Wooden Spools | Mercury Glass Lantern | Metal Chain Garland | Large Green Floral Picks | Small Green Floral Picks | Realistic Eucalyptus Garland | Black Hexagonal Lantern | Metal Shepherd Hook

4. Bottles & Jars

Star fairy lights delight bubble glass bottles with a celestial glow perfect for gifts, tables and centerpieces...and they'll delight you too!:

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Novelty fairy lights enchant bubble glass bottles for a dazzling display in your wedding or home!

The classic style of fairy lights in a wine bottle is an inspired way to decorate for tasting parties:

Fairy lights encapsulated in wine bottles perfectly adds flavor to tasting parties and Tuscan themed events.

And arranging LED fairy lights and ornaments in hobnail or mason jars redefines holiday design:

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Create a hobnail mantel Christmas tree with ornaments and an abundance of fairy lights.

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Fill mason jars with fairy lights and ornaments for vintage inspired centerpieces.

Pictured Above: Bubble Glass Vase | Wine Bottle Candle Holders | Vintage Hobnail Jars | Small Green Floral Picks | Large Green Floral Picks | Green Mercury Glass Inspired Ornament | Faux Antler Ornament | Green Baker’s Twine | Lighted Birch Garland

5. Wall Decor

Bring creative ideas to life on your bedroom wall or in your wedding space! Contouring fairy lights into shapes and monograms personalizes venue design, while intertwining the strands with other string lights adds variety. Accentuating other wall decor, such as our star paper lanterns, is an ideal dorm room style for college students!

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Contour a shape, monogram or message with chicken wire and fairy lights for your bedroom wall or wedding event.

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: The perfect dorm room style starts with fairy lights and a paper lantern. Personalize your decor with this brilliant combination!

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Mix fairy lights with other string lights to add variety to your space.

Pictured Above: Green Paper Star Lantern

Bonus: DIY Christmas Tree!

Hillary, one of our beloved customer service representatives, presented her mother with a strand of fairy lights. Little did we know the transformation they would go through! With the addition of boat oars, rope and a starfish, this coastal Christmas tree design is one we won't soon forget!

Fairy Lights 5 Ways: Create a beach chic Christmas tree from fairy lights, paddles, rope and a star fish!

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