DIY Tutorial: Eucalyptus Antler Wreath

Oh, what a delight it is to celebrate the winter season and holidays in style! Found in the pages of our Woodland Lodge Idea Book, this accent was designed by our stylist Charra; in a perfect combination of cabin chic style and natural decor. With only five ingredients to this festive wreath, easily create a statement piece in your home or for your event that will impress friends, family and guests!

1. What You'll Need

Fill your home with the fresh accent of our DIY eucalyptus antler wreath this Christmas!

2. Insert Sprig Into Vine

Insert decorative eucalyptus sprigs into your DIY antler wreath to give it a natural lodge look for the holidays.

Tuck each eucalyptus sprig in this wreath, spaced far enough apart to cover about a third of the wreath. The stems will easily blend in with the vines.

3. Tuck Tendrils to Secure

Weave decorative eucalyptus, faux antlers and string lights into a DIY wreath for a cabin chic look this holiday season!

Wrap the eucalyptus branches and tendrils into the vines to secure the sprigs in the wreath.

4. Insert Antler Pick

Adding a decorative antler to your DIY wreath is the perfect way to accent your home with cabin chic decor.

Bend the wire of the pick to mimic the wreath's curvature. Slip the antler floral pick stem at the bottom of the eucalyptus set so that the top antler overlaps the sprigs.

Tip: You may replace the antler floral pick with antler ornaments instead. This allows you to choose where the antlers go and you can add more or less depending on your preference. Secure the antlers with metal wire or fishing line and tuck the twine rope into the wreath.

5. Wrap and Weave the Lights

Illuminate your DIY antler wreath with LED pine cone string lights!

Arrange the pine cone string lights in your wreath so that they are woven into the sprig set. Secure them by weaving them between the wreath and sprig branches.

6. Hide Battery Pack

Tuck away the battery pack in your DIY eucalyptus antler wreath and arrange the string lights to your design.

Tuck the battery pack in the vine on the back of the wreath. Make sure to conceal the wire as well.

7. Show Off Your Wreath!

Your guests will be oohing and ahhing over this DIY eucalyptus antler wreath!

Spruce up the sprigs, illuminate the pine cone string lights and find the perfect spot in your home for this uniquely woodsy wreath! Find more decorating and DIY ideas in our Woodland Lodge Lookbook (pdf)!

We'd love to see your DIY creations! Share your design with us one Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram with #lightsforall or @lightsforall!