5 Essentials for Your Halloween Party

Whether Halloween falls on the weekend or not, a party is essential ... and that means it’s time to conjure ideas for a spellbinding gathering! As we all know, a good Halloween party should completely entrance guests with amazing decor: frightful yet tasty Halloween treats, ghosts and spiders lurking in every shadow, chic table arrangements that send shivers down the spine.

But don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the dark when it comes to party planning -- we’ll give you the full tour of what our Halloween Idea Book will inspire! We have so many unique Halloween products to share this season ... find your favorites before they VANISH!

1. Spooky Halloween Treats!

5 Essentials for Your Halloween Party #1: Concoct Spooky Halloween Food!

We can’t deny how utterly creeped out we are by this bloody eyeball cake. Surprisingly enough, it is simply grapes, white chocolate, caramel syrup and food coloring that together create this gory illusion. We added our Les Desserts Compote to add a touch of vintage style to this terrifying dessert. To find out how we summoned our haunting treats, check out our Halloween Desserts Post!

2. Chalk Labels for Personalized Halloween Items!

5 Essentials for your Halloween Party #2: Chalk Labels Make Great Halloween Items!

These chalkboard gravestones may look cute, but their evil intent is to lure you toward tasty Halloween treats loaded with calories. With our chalkboard stands and markers (available in other colors and sizes), easily direct guests to their delicious fate and the deaths of their diets. Check out our chalkboard stenciling tutorial to put your own twist on these grave markers!

3. Pitch Black Halloween Candles!

Candles and Candelabra inserts for a spooky table setting!

What better time to use black candles than during Halloween!? They exude Gothic gloom and cast ghastly shadows in every corner with a single flicker.

If black candles aren’t your cup of poison, try a candelabra. A classic prop in any horror film, these intricate wine bottle candelabras add an elegant twist to our craftily customized chalk vases. See our tutorial on chalkboard stenciling to give your vases this haunting look!

4. Plenty of Ghosts and Ghouls!

5 Essentials for your Halloween Party #4: Add Ghosts!

Don’t worry, these ghosts are friendly. Some, even tasty! This is one of the most creative ways we’ve seen a ghostly spectre appear -- a white paper lantern floating with lace table runners and a felt face. No need for white bed sheets or summoning spirits!

5 Essentials for your Halloween Party #4: Add Ghosts!

These adorable table top ghosts are made from milk glass vases, cheese cloth, felt and twine and are a delightful fright next to our delicious ghoul pops.

5. Halloween String Lights...Of Course!

5 Essentials for your Halloween Party #5: Don't Forget Halloween String Lights!

Don’t leave your party in the dark. With our purple curtain lights illuminating behind gauzy black organza, it's a simple yet bold statement adding eerie ambiance to any party. And the spider icicle lights? If you have arachnophobia, take cover: these brilliant beasties are bound to frighten as they hover above the buffet table.

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