DIY Engraved Candle TutorialTo add a subtle yet intriguing element to your Clean & Classic wedding--or an event in any style--follow these simple steps to artistically personalize your table decor.

Floral Motif Pillar Candles

Candles are a must-have accessory at any event, casting an inviting glow over the lovely details of your gathering. You have many candle options with which to stylishly mix and match, choosing between flameless and standard wick candles, taper or pillar, or popular votive. Using only a tool or two, you can customize your pillar candles, delighting your guests and adding texture and soft accent to your table.

See our carved candles in use on pages 7 & 8 of our Clean & Classic Lookbook.

What You'll Need

First, collect all the items you'll need to establish an efficient work flow!

Next, slightly dampen your chosen watercolor hue and use your finger to gently rub color on your candle's surface. Tip: You may need to apply a few coats of paint to achieve your desired depth of color.

Using a sharp, fresh X-Acto blade, very carefully carve your design. Because our pillars are dipped with a thin coat of hard wax to prevent dripping, this outer layer removes easily when gently cut. Be sure to track your cuts with a watchful eye to avoid flaking wax chips in unexpected places. TIP: designs comprised of short, straight lines work best for this technique.