4 Ways to Personalize our Chalkboard Vases for Valentine's Day

It can take a long time to get over the feelings of anticipation, excitement and then exhaustion of the holiday season ... gosh, some of us don't even get the tree dismantled until February! So it comes as no surprise that when Valentine's Day is right around the corner, we're sometimes left scrambling.

With just a handful of simple items, you can create easy yet thoughtful Valentine's gifts for your special someone, or you can modify any of these ideas for your friends or family--just change up the message! Adding one of these little tokens of affection is a great way to set a feel-good tone for the day.

Love Monster Bottle

Chalkboard Vase Love Monster

Items you'll need:

This one is super cute for children or for your humorous Valentine! Curl a few lengths of pipe cleaner around the chalk marker to create the spiral hair tuft before uncapping the pen to draw your Love Monster! Draw a silly face and then pen the message. Fill the bottle with fuzzy pipe cleaner curls and get ready for a monster hug! TIP: To make sure that your writing is centered, count the number of letters in each word and locate the middlemost letter (for example, M-O-N-S-T-E-R has seven letters where S falls exactly in the middle). Start by positioning that letter in the estimated center, then work outwards from the middle.

Sweet on You Bottle

Valentine Chalkboard Bottle with candies

Items you'll need:

Tall rectangle chalkboard vase Valentine, detail

Surprise your sweetie with flowers and just a teensy bit of candy to set a sweet tone! Carefully drill a hole in a large message heart candy (or use a comparable, inedible item from a craft store) and tie it to the neck of the marker-decorated bottle. A darling sentiment sure to be treasured!

Date Night Bouquet Bottle

Date Night Half-Circle Chalkboard Bud Vase

Items you'll need:

Chalkboard Vase, Valentine's Date Night Bouquet, detail

Why settle for a single date night when you can offer a week's worth or more? Simple date night ideas penned with a chalk marker on brown paper tags lets your loved one select one a day (or one a week) to suit their fancy. Fancy! Use your fingers or small pliers to create wire stems for your flowers, folding/crimping the wire through the tag's hole to secure each messaged flower. Embellish the vase with a heart-felt and heart-filled XOXO message and you're ready for a whirlwind week of romance!

Radiant Rose Bottle

Items you'll need:

Teardrop Bud Vase with Fairy Lights

Nothing says "Be My Valentine" more than red roses. Coupled with the gentle twinkle of fairy lights adorning the delicate curves of a teardrop chalkboard bud vase, a single red rose is the perfect way to show a little tenderness. Sketch a simple heart on the chalkboard vase using a chalk marker, letting it dry a bit. Loosely wrap the fairy lights around the neck of the vase and finish with a rose. Dreamy!