4 Amazing DIY Scented Christmas Decorations

The sights and sounds of Christmas are upon us even before our last bite of Thanksgiving pie is digested: Christmas carols piped in through supermarket speakers, artificial trees standing at the hardware store in clean rows like soldiers in the Nutcracker, and don’t forget the lights! Our neighbors finally get to plug in those Christmas lights they’ve left up all year long!

But what about the aromas we associate with Christmas?

If you’re planning to pick up a long-lasting but scent-free artificial tree at the hardware store, we’ve come up with some ways to combine scents with decorations that will capture the essence of the season! And even if you’re a staunch live tree fan, our scented DIY Christmas projects will blend beautifully with aromatic pine.

Orange Rind Wreath Ornaments

Orange Wreath Ornaments

Items you'll need:

With a nod to the much-loved orange clove pomander, we’ve created these easy orange rind Christmas tree ornaments using only a handful of supplies: our grapevine napkin wreath, a few strands of ribbon or twine, and the rind from small citrus fruits, such as clementines or mandarins (you could use lemons or limes as well, for more color!).

Orange Peel Ornaments

First, carefully peel the fruit, then cut your shapes while they’re freshly peeled…an X-Acto works very well. Be sure to poke a small hole for threading before they’re too dry, because they become more delicate as they dry. Simply tie the pierced orange decoration to an interior vine with a few twine threads, then attach a ribbon to an exterior vine for hanging. Orange you glad these were so easy?

Cinnamon Scented Bottles

Scented Bottle Ornaments

Items you'll need:

Cinnamon Scented Glass Bottle Ornaments

Do you love the smell of cinnamon pinecones during holiday shopping excursions? You can bring this enticing aroma to your dwelling using our attractive miniature bottles as the vessel! Simply fill the bottles with a teaspoon of cinnamon oil (or peppermint, or your favorite scent), then wrap the bottle necks with twine (be sure to create a loop for hanging) and festoon with holly or a burlap flower. Voila, ta da, and ooh la la!

Clove Burlap Banner

Clove Scented BuntingAlso shown above: Hobnail Jars, Star Paper Lanterns, Frosted Pine with Berries Garland and Candles (all sold separately).

Items you'll need:

Through our series of YouTube videos we’ve been able to show you an amazing and easy way to stencil any of our event banners…but have you tried stenciling with spices? Simply print a short message in your favorite font (sized to fit each banner flag’s dimensions), then trace one letter onto each triangle…you can see the printed letter right through the loose weave of the burlap banner.

Clove Scented Bunting

Use a toothpick or other fine point to “pre-drill” holes according to your traced letter (this is to perforate the protective plastic lining on the back of the bunting). Insert clove sticks to follow your pattern, and then prepare to be enveloped in the deep bouquet of this seasonal spice!

Woodland Ornaments

Scented Bunny Ornament

Items you'll need:

Glass Ornament Orbs

Did you know that rosemary is related to mint? It offers a delightful evergreen-like scent, easily compatible with the fragrance of pine, and it’s a staple of traditional Christmas cooking as well as decorating. To create these endearing glass globe snow dioramas—easily hung from your tree with a ribbon or filament, or even used as table decorations--use sprigs of rosemary nestled into a bed of coarse salt.

Woodland Glass Ornaments

Add a woodland creature to the setting, and your vignette is adorably complete! To use these orbs as a centerpiece, pair them with birch bark tubes or birch slices, or elevate them on upturned hobnail jars of varying heights. What a fun way to decorate for the season!