Easy Ideas for Decorating your Mantel for Christmas!

Growing up, I always loved sitting around the fireplace during the holidays. We would gather around the mantel, sitting on the rug or a sofa with a good book, and enjoy the crackling of the fire.

From a young age, I always loved watching my parents decorate the mantel for Christmas. And as I grew older, I loved joining them as they decorated.

It is a scene I like to create each year for my kids as the holidays draw near. So far, they seem to love it too; it gets the whole family into that holiday spirit!

I just finished decorating my fireplace for Christmas, so today I’d like to show you a few simple ways to decorate your own home.

Watch How I Decorated My Mantel for Christmas:

What you’ll need to re-create this easy mantel display:

Christmas Mantel Display - Pine Garland

Bringing natural outdoor elements to your interior decor is extremely popular this season. I started out with our lovely frosted pine garland, with its little red berries and warm white lights throughout.

Christmas Mantel Display - Fairy Lights in Wreath

To complement our pine garland, I incorporated warm white battery operated fairy lights to a wreath. The battery pack is super easy to hide behind the wreath so you only see the delightful glow the warm white bulbs create. The fairy lights also pair well with our Luminara candles. I also added a mirror I had around the house behind the wreath; I really love how it reflects the light from the fairy lights and garland!

Christmas Mantel Display - Luminara Candles

We have a large collection of Flameless LED Candles, but our Luminara candles are my favorite. They are really spectacular! Luminara candles have a movement and twinkle that is almost identical to a real flame without the worry of heat. Their flicker reflects off the wall and creates that atmosphere of comfort provided by traditional wick candles.  

Christmas Mantel Display - Linen Banner

I’m sure you’re seeing burlap and linen banners used in weddings and homes, and during holidays and events. I knew our linen banner would be the perfect addition to my mantel display. I simply used my vinyl paper cutter to cut out letters from sticker paper and adhered them to the banner. This allows me to remove the letters after the holidays and re-use my banner for a different holiday or event. For even more simplicity, you could use pre-cut vinyl letter stickers.

Christmas Mantel Display - Vase

I love to add a pop of color to any holiday display I create. I simply filled a vase with Christmas tree ornaments to bring in the traditional reds, golds and silvers you see during the holidays. An added bonus is they really make the red berries from the garland pop!

We would love to see the Christmas Mantel Displays you create. Post a post on our Facebook page, Tweet us your pictures, or tag us in an Instagram post (#lightsforall) a picture of your Lights For All Occasions products in action. As appreciation, we will send you a coupon code for $15 off your next online order.