10 Tips for Selecting LED Christmas Lights

It’s always fun to drive around at Christmastime and look at the holiday lighting displays in neighborhoods and shopping centers. So, obviously, one of my favorite things to do as the temperature starts to drop is start searching for new Christmas lighting ideas!

More than ever, people are requesting LED Christmas lights because they are more efficient, use less electricity, yet offer just as much pop as traditional incandescent Christmas lights – Certainly the Griswold family would have blown a few less fuses using LED Christmas lights!

In addition to being more energy efficient, LED lighting is it's cool to the touch and they will not get warm like traditional incandescent bulbs. 

Holiday event planners and retailers are also discovering large commercial lighting displays are more affordable with long-lasting LED Christmas lights, and as a result we are seeing more shopping centers with elaborate Christmas lighting.

Given the growing popularity of LED Christmas string lights, we thought we’d provide you with a top 10 list…

1. Consider the Many Shades of White

Cool White LED Lights vs. Warm White LED Lights

White outdoor LED Christmas lights have traditionally cast a cool white light and are perfect for pulling off the look of an icy winter wonder land. Cool white LED lights are complementary to silver and blue.

But cool white isn’t the only color of white out there! You can offset the coolness of white LED Christmas lights by purchasing warm white LED Christmas lights. Warm white works well with reds and greens.

2. Consider Mixing Bulb Shape and Size Varieties

Christmas Light Size & Shape Variety

LED Christmas lights come in variety of bulb shapes and sizes, large to small. Consider mixing tiny LED fairy lights with LED globe string lights to create a varied, dimensional effect.

3. Christmas Paper Lanterns? Yup!

Throwing a company holiday party or a holiday-themed event? Consider stringing up a variety of red, green and gold paper lanterns for Christmas or blue, white and silver paper lanterns for Winter. Then bring them to life and create visual depth with our LED paper lantern lights.

4. Go Traditional with Multicolor LED Christmas Lights

Multicolor Globe String Lights for Christams

White Christmas lighting is a tried and true standard, but so is traditional multicolor LED Christmas lights if the display calls for a festive flair.

5. Plan Ahead by Measuring

If you’re lighting the outside of your house, know that outdoor LED Christmas string lights come in many lengths, some up to 100 feet long! Some strands are end-to-end connectable while others are not.

Measure your space carefully and note that longer strands of LED Christmas Lights may be more cost effective and design friendly, depending on what you’re planning to do.

6. Single-Color Christmas Light Designs Are Growing in Popularity

Blue LED Christmas String Lights

While white-only and multicolor Christmas light displays are more traditional in nature, consider going monochromatic with a blue-only display (great for those snowy winter days), green-only display (would look amazing if your house has lots of foliage) or red-only display (perfect for those slightly warmer climates) of LED Christmas lights.

7. Strand Wire Color Matters

Select the perfect color of strand wire. White wire strands may be perfect for indoor events, parties and decorations and outdoor rooftop gutters, whereas green wire strands are great for blending into foliage in an outdoor lighting display.

8. For Incandescent, Know Your Sockets

If you decide to stick with incandescent lights, choose the right socket sizes for your Christmas lights. For our traditional outdoor Christmas Lights, we offer both C7 and C9 strands, both of which feature our globe string lights, among other bulb shapes. We make it easy and take out the guess work by selling both the strand and the bulb packaged together.

Guide To String Light Sockets and Bulb Sizes

If you have any questions about socket and bulb base sizes, we recommend checking out this informative globe string lights post.

And don’t forget: we also have a big variety of battery operated LED string lights too!

9: Consider Picking Up Replacement Bulbs

Gone are the days when the entire strand of Christmas lights would go out if one bulb went out. If available and applicable to your strand, consider picking up a few replacement bulbs just in case. They may come in handy in the future!

10. Know How You’ll Store Them Post Holiday

Consider storage; High quality LED Christmas Lights tend to last for many years when they are well cared for.

Looking for additional ideas for Event or Christmas Lighting? Consider dressing up your windows with any of our Christmas candles or accenting your holiday décor with lighted Winter and Christmas branches.