How to Add Light to an Anna Costume from Disney’s “Frozen”

Sarah here again from You may have caught my last post, where I show you how I’m lighting my daughter’s Halloween costume. She’s going as Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen.

This movie is huge right now and my kids absolutely love it! In fact, one of my other daughters is going as another popular character from Frozen, Anna. That means I get to light her costume as well!

Lights Used in our Frozen Anna Halloween Costume

This one is SUPER easy and took only a few minutes to complete. Here’s what I used:

Lighting an Anna Costume Video:

Adding Light to Anna's Hair

If you’ve seen the movie, you know that Anna was struck by Elsa on the forehead with her powers, giving her a white streak in her hair. Our cool white Glowbys Hair Lights are the perfect item for the white streak!

Glowbys are fiber optic lights that can be twisted and bent easily in the hair to create the look you want using the included and attached hair clip.

Hair Lights for Halloween Costume of Anna from Frozen

For the Anna Frozen Halloween costume, I braided the Glowbys just like I did the fairy lights for Elsa’s hair. If the ends are too long, these fiber optic lights can be trimmed and still work fine.

Creating a Lighted Necklace for Anna

This was super easy. I wanted a little sparkle of light that would shine brightly, so our C-Lytes Floral Lights worked perfectly! I selected blue C-Lytes to match Anna’s outfit While these come in a set of 12, I only used one; but you could put together a super bright necklace that includes all 12.

My daughter got a big kick out of this:

Necklace Lights for Frozen Anna Halloween Costume

In fact, both my daughters love wearing lights on Halloween. And I love knowing they’ll be super visible when we go out trick-or-treating on October 31!