You've Been Stenciling Your Banners Wrong!

Hey everyone! Chelsea here from "Ryan + Chelsea's Wedding Series." I just recently made a couple of burlap banners that we're going to incorporate into our wedding reception decor. One of them says "thank you" and the other says "Ryan & Chelsea." We're going for a shabby chic themed wedding with the colors navy blue, cream and pink. These burlap pennants are just the thing I need to add to our shabby chic decor.

Before I got started with this DIY project, I researched a few tutorials on how to stencil burlap and though they were all very helpful, I definitely learned a couple things through trial and error, and I thought I would share with you what I learned in the process of making these DIY burlap banners from burlap pennants. Just watch the video below and learn one of the easiest ways to stencil burlap!