7 Fun Ways to Decorate for your 4th of July BBQ4th of July isn't just the day Americans celebrate their Independence Day, the long weekend is also a popular time for a summer BBQ! We will show you 7 fun ways to get creative, light up and decorate for your 4th of July get-together.

1. Serve Drinks in Mason Jar Mugs with Straws and Stickers

Photo courtesy of Anna Sawin Photography

Mason Jars are an American icon, and they've become a fun and trendy way to serve beverages too!  Find Mason Jar Mugs, Paper Party Straws and Chalkboard Label Stickers in our Drink Station category.

2. Hang Globe String Lights around the Patio

Globe String Lights are a classic way to light up the back yard, but add even more patriotic pride with our red, "white" and blue globe string lights on a white wire. They come in both 25 foot length and 50 foot length. Add our star light decorations for even more patriotism.

3. Hurricane Lanterns with Red, White and Blue LED Sumix Lights

Add Floralytes LED Sumix Lights  to our red and white Hurricane Candle Lanterns to create festive 4th of july color combinations.

5. Red, White & Blue Paper Lanterns

Red, White and Blue Paper Lanterns strung over the backyard are a fun way to add color and light to the party!

6. Fiber Optic Centerpieces 

Fiber Optic Centerpieces resemble the 4th of July fireworks. Add a few to table tops for added color and sparkle.

7. Vase Lights under Punch Bowl

Vase Light Bases under the chip bowl or punch bowl is a guaranteed way to spice up the table. They can be used to light up drinks and centerpieces as well.