5 DIY Decor Ideas for Spring 2014

The changing of a season is a great time to freshen up your décor. Spring signifies the blooming of flowers, the return of grass and leaves, and the overall greening of the earth. It's a joyous time, indeed! 

From adding a little light to crafting your seasonal theme, here are five DIY décor ideas for Spring 2014 and the products to make them happen.

1. Go Green with Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights

We love these Solar Powered Mason Jar Lids! Great for adding a little light come the spring and summer months, they are the perfect accent and night light. Not to mention they are wonderful décor accessories!

As we’ll show you, it’s easy to get creative with the jar too by using our Quilted Mason Jars or Antique-inspired Green Jars:

Quilted Mason Jar with Solar Powered Lid

Above: Quilted Mason jar with silver solar powered Mason jar lid

Antique Mason Jar with Hanging Solar Powered Lid

Above: Antique Mason jar with hanging brown LED lighted mason jar lid

2. Grow A Little Something

For the green thumb out there, indoor planters are great for displaying in the windowsill or patio garden. Add a chicken wire cloche for that rustic look!

Chicken wire cloche with grass

Above: Chicken wire cloche

Bell jar cloche and black metal footed pan

Above: Bell jar cloche with black metal footed pan

Pictured below, these hanging tea light candle holders aren’t just for candles: Add a little water and a radiant orchid for a great little display!

Hanging Tea Light Candle Holders

Speaking of hanging things…

3. Hang Something!

Wine bottle pendant lights, antique and Edison bulb pendants, and mason jar pendants are great for decorative lighting year round!

Pendant Light with Antique Bulb

Above: Pendant light with antique bulb

Mason Jar Pendant Light

Above: Mason Jar Pendant Light

Blue Wine Bottle Pendant Light

Above: Blue Wine Bottle Pendant Light

For your outdoor spaces, stanchions and shepherd’s hooks aren’t just for weddings. They are great to use to display decorative path lighting, small hanging planters or other decorative items.

Shepherd Hooks with Hanging Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Above: Shepherd hooks with hanging Mason jar star lids and Mason jar fairy lights

With the budding spring, use a basket to create a floral display.

Rustic Hanging Wire Basket

4. Display a Floral Spring Centerpiece in a Wire Basket

Nothing says spring more than fresh flowers. Create a simple, lovely floral display using a linen-lined wire basket.

Square Wire Basket with Flowers

Small Wire Basket with Flowers

5. Add Globe String Lights to your Patio Umbrella & Outdoor Spaces

As the days begin to get warmer, the temptation to have a BBQ will become insatiable. Umbrella lights aren’t just for restaurants and cafés; they’re great for your home’s patio umbrellas as well. Adding a little light can brighten those spring nights when the sun goes to bed before you do. Break out the grill and be the host!

Back Yard Globe String Lights

Above: Customer photo of backyard globe string lights