Scrubbing Bubbles' New TV Spot Features Our Beacons!

Do you hate grime? Why not call the Grime Police!?

Scrubbing Bubbles is a product of SC Johnson. The company recently aired a new TV Spot dubbed "Let's Bubble" that uses beacons from Lights For All Occasions!

The spot features four VW Bugs as the "busy front line in mankind's epic battle against grime."

The beacons Scrubbing Bubbles uses in the ad are our revolving light Blue LED Police Beacon.

We love seeing our products in use, and the beacons in the new Scrubbing Bubbles TV advertisement are a perfect example of how a product can be used in cool, creative ways. These beacons, like many of our products, are just as great when used as a prop in theater, ads, TV shows and movies as they are when used for the originally intended purpose.

Scrubbing Bubbles Beacons Ad

Watch the TV spot here! Have you used Scrubbing Bubbles before? #LETSBUBBLE

Disclaimer: Police Beacons like the ones used in this video are not legal for use by ordinary citizens on their vehicles.