3 Benefits of Using Commercial Grade String Lights

The differences between commercial grade string lights and standard outdoor string lights may not immediately be apparent. Both boast a large variety of ideal uses, bulb shapes and colors, and strand lengths and colors. And sure, commercial grade string lights are more expensive than standard string lights, but there are good reasons for that.

Here are three benefits of selecting commercial grade string lights.

White Strand Commercial Grade LED Globe String Lights

1. Higher Quality & Durability

Commercial grade string lights have a heavy duty wire and are inherently designed to be weatherproof, so they can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. They are encapsulated with PVC so they have resistance to UV sunlight exposure, adding to their weather resistance.

Commercial Grade Mini Bulb String Lights

2. Rated for Seasonal and/or Year-Round Use

Commercial grade string lights are often rated for year-round use, making them ideal for more permanent installations. Others are ideal for seasonal use; hang them during the holidays, year after year with the confidence that they’ll last a long time.

LED Commercial Grade Wide Angle Bulb String Lights

3. Made for Business, Perfect for the Home

Originally intended for commercial and business application, commercial grade string lights are commonly used for bistro and café patios, restaurant umbrella lighting, on gazebos, and in storefront windows and awnings. Locations like these require a more permanent, year-round fixture making commercial grade the ideal choice.

It also makes them the perfect string lights for home use – a good high quality commercial strand will last you years.

More about Standard Outdoor String Lights

Above we talked about what sets commercial grade string lights apart. Depending on your needs and budget, standard string lights may be more than adequate. They are ideal temporary light solutions and may be more affordable than commercial grade lights.

While not commercial grade, the standard outdoor string lights you find on our site are high quality and customers frequently use them for weddings, events, parties and seasonally during a variety of holidays. These uses often require string lights that are outdoor rated, durable enough to withstand inclement weather, and serve a variety of functions and potential uses. And they can do well in these situations.

There are many reasons to choose commercial grade string lights, but ultimately that decision is yours.

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