How to Change Your Globe String Lights Fuse

Globe String Lights provide a classic, often timeless look great for weddings, events, restaurants and even your patio at home. But did you know your globe string light strand has a fuse? In the case that your strand stops working, here are a few things to check, including how to check and change your globe string light fuse. 

If you think you may have a blown fuse, here are some things to check first, as well as instructions on how to change a globe string light fuse.

Check Your Bulbs

Check all the bulbs to make sure that they are secured correctly in their socket, sometimes one can be installed slightly crooked and that will prevent it from lighting up. Be sure to also check that none of the the bulbs are burnt, broken or black. If they are broken or appear to be burned out, use one of your replacement bulbs and then try plugging in the strand to see if they all light up.

Check Your Globe Light Strand & Outlet Power

If this is an end-to-end connecting strand, make sure only the allotted amount of strands allowed are connected, as this can cause a fuse to blow. If this is a regular strand, try plugging it in on a completely separate outlet, as one outlet can already have too much electricity being pulled from it.

Check Your Globe Light Sockets

If all the lights appear to be OK, double check the sockets. Be sure your strand is unplugged. When you unscrew the light from the socket, the little metal piece at the bottom needs to make connection with the bulb base. You can wedge it up slightly with a small screwdriver if it has been compressed flat or pushed to the side.

How to change a string lights fuse

Changing A Globe String Lights Fuse

Double check that the fuse has not been blown (the fuse is located on the male end of the plug in). If the fuse appears black, this would mean it has been blown and will just need to be replaced. Our globe light strands (in all lengths) that include fuses also come with one replacement fuse.

How to change a string lights fuse step2

How to change a string lights fuse

Slide the cover up on the plug in the direction the arrow indicates.

How to change a string lights fuse

How to change a string lights fuse

Remove the blown fuse by wedging a small screwdriver or allen wrench underneath it to pry it up, and replace with the included replacement. (The loose fuse in the plug end is the replacement fuse.)

If you have already used your replacement fuse you can purchase additional replacement fuses here.