Gina Tepper's Unique Lighted Halloween Decorations

Gina Tepper of Gift Decorating mentioned Lights for All Occasions this past Sunday on her regular gifting and craft segment on NBC’s WBALTV Baltimore.

Gina uses everything from a paper towel roll to snack boxes to create these neat homemade, DIY Halloween decorations. This is what we love about Gina’s work: she re-uses everyday items that would otherwise go into the recycling bin. The resulting decorations are about as unique as they come!

One of my favorites is the pasta jar mummy. You could use mason jars to create an equally eerie glow.

However, the most useful might be the glowing candy holder for kids. From battery operated fairy string lights to phasing fairy berries, this idea is perfect to help increase the visibility of your little ones as they go door to door tomorrow.  Join ‘em on the road this year and stock up for 2014!

Check out the video below:

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After seeing Gina’s video, we had a little fun ourselves. We set up a little “haunted house” and our CEO Jeff stepped in front of the camera, donned a spooky voice (and laugh), and have her and all of you a Happy Halloween. Enjoy!

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