Edison DecorationsAfter hundreds of attempts and the inspiration from multiple scientists and inventors, we have the light bulb. Rather than a hand-blown glass bulb, though, we have something a little more durable. Antique filament bulbs capture the essence of Thomas Edison’s design while adapting to the modern technologies and conveniences. Let’s discover different ways to display these bulbs! 
Since the Edison bulbs are easy on the eyes (and they aren’t too bright to look at), they don’t necessarily need a lamp shade. They can easily be hung by a black cord without it feeling too much like an interrogation room. The exposed filament wires give a sense of warmth and artistry without being too much. 
If you fancy a lightshade, consider using a Mason jar light. This combines two relics of a similar time frame while still updating them for modern conveniences. The screw threads on the outside of the jar lid allow for easy connection with the black electrical cord.
If you don’t want a plain bulb but a covering is too much commitment, consider getting the café string lights with shades. The bulbs are smaller but still have the visible filament, while the brushed copper shade provide a little extra jazz and substance. 

Traditionally, Edison bulbs emitted a fair amount of heat. While you won’t be able to cook a rotisserie chicken with these bulbs, still be aware that they might be warmer to the touch than LED bulbs. 

What are some ways you’d like to display your Edison bulbs? Share pictures with us on our Facebook page or in the comments section!