Quart Mason Jars With Warm White Fairy Lights, Set of 12

Quart Mason Jars With Warm White Fairy Lights, Set of 12
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Create the appearance of fireflies in a jar with this unique light display that creatively combines a strand of warm white LED moon fairy lights and a 32 ounce Mason jar. Simply feed the light strand through the mouth of the jar and tape the compact battery pack to the bottom of the lid and you suddenly have a beautiful light display suitable for weddings, events and home décor. Display them as centerpieces, pathway lighting, or hang them from shepherd hooks, branches, or ceilings.

  • A set of 12 x 32 oz. small mouth Ball Mason jars with silver lids
  • Jar dimensions: 3.75 inch diameter, 7 inches high
  • Includes 24 4.5 ft. strands of moon lights with 12 warm white micro LEDs each
  • Each light strand requires 3xCR2032 coin cell batteries (included & replaceable)
  • Perfect for: centerpieces, DIY lighting, path lights and much more
  • Light strand is waterproof, battery pack is not
  • Simply tape the battery pack to the underside of the lid to keep it from being seen

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