Patriotic Eats: How to Light Your 4th of July TableAny reason to eat is a good reason. Summertime is the perfect reason especially, since fruits and veggies are in their prime and there are so many themed food options waiting to happen. We’ve started searching for new recipes to try out on our lighted tableware. Below are some of our favorites we’ve either tried or are excited to try out. Start thinking of what recipes you’d like to try and let us know at the end!

4th of July table setting

Red, white, and blue drink
What a perfect color combination! These red, white, and blue drinks are sure to get your guests wondering about how you did it. The secret recipe can be done with any colors—the trick is in the sugar content.

lighted soda cup
Cranberry Juice
SoBe Piña Colada
Blue Gatorade

    1. Figure out the sugar content level in each drink and arrange accordingly. Here, the cranberry juice wins (it has the highest sugar content) so it’ll be first. 
    2. If you want ice in the glasses, now is the time to pour it in. 
    3. Pour first drink into glass and fill until it reaches level you prefer.
    4. For the next layer, choose the beverage with the second highest sugar content. IMPORTANT: DO NOT POUR DIRECTLY ON TOP OF PREVIOUS LAYER. This will cause a catastrophic reaction. Actually, not really, but all the colors will blend together. Gross. Instead, pour it very slowly and directly over an ice cube so as to slow down the pouring process even further. This will keep the different drinks from blending together.  
    5. Repeat step 3 & 4 with the remaining drinks. 
    6. Eventually physics will do its thing and the colors will blend together, but if the sun is out and it’s a hot day, it likely won’t last long enough for that to happen. 

Here we used light up soda cups to highlight the drink display. The LED light options of steady, flashing, or blinking make the multi-colored drink even more fun. The 12 oz. soda cups hold just the right amount for parties—it holds enough to keep you from being thirsty but doesn’t let your drink get warm before you want more.

Red velvet cupcakes with butter cream frosting
There are so many variable shades of red velvet cupcakes that getting the hue just right shouldn’t be a major concern. It’s more than food coloring that gives red velvet its signature flavor, but it’s perfect for a patriotic get-together. This McCormick recipe for red velvet cake looks like a winner.

Light bases

LED light base 

light base gives whatever is placed on it the Hollywood treatment with LED lights surrounding the base. Here it illuminates a zesty bowl of chips, but it can also be used to illuminate drinks or centerpieces. The silver base holds 32 bright white LED lights around the perimeter. The non-slip top grip makes sure that your table setup will stay in place. 

Martha Stewart grilling recipes
Martha is undoubtedly the go-to gal for home décor, party, and recipe ideas. Here she gives 18 easy grilling ideas, and each of them is the perfect blend of summer food and culinary delight. Some of these are finger foods, but when utensils are needed light up cutlery makes the eating experience just that—an experience. Cool blue light comes from the LED lights at either end of the handle.   

lighted cutlery

What are some of your tried and true summer recipes? Share with us in the comments section. We’re excited to hear what your favorites are!