Embellish Your Candle Lanterns

No one wants to live in a glass house because, well, it’s a glass house. Luckily these battery operated candles aren’t bashful at all. Since lanterns give you the optimum display of 360 degrees, you have the ideal display setup to showcase all for your display ideas. You can choose how to display each side, decide if you want sparse or dense directions, and have full range of options as you think outside the box lantern. Here we’ll give you a couple ideas how to style your candle lanterns to perfectly match the décor of your home.

candle lanterns

Rustic Chic 

birdcage with candle

Birdcage lantern
Gerbera daisies
Lavender stems
Quilt strips 

This is a fun assembly whether you live in a rural area or if you just want a little touch of country elegance in your home. The wire’s wide spacing and height of the lid allow you a lot more space to work with and provide a more open, spacious feel. The gerbera daisy and lavender balance the visual weight of the display while the pinks, blues, creams, and purples of the quilt fabric tie the colors together.

Other flowers can be used as long as they balance each other. Here we used a full, round flower and a long, slim one. If you don’t have quilt swatches on hand, a scarf or other piece of fabric can be used to coordinate the colors.

Subtle Beach

wooden candle lantern

Wood lantern
Strand of shells
White sand (optional)
Large shells (optional)
This is the quickest way to decorate a lantern.  The wood lantern has an oceanic feel to it from the detailing of the wood, and the colors of the shells work with the lantern’s wood and roof coloring. This demonstration showed simply draping two strands of shells around the candle.

As with the other ideas, it’s completely adaptable based on what you have in your home and the look you’re going for. You could easily pour sand in the bottom of the lantern and use it as a base for other shells, or place larger shells around the candle.

Color Palette

black metal lantern

Black metal lantern
Black sequined ribbon
Miniature Eiffel tower
Beaded feathers

A sequined ribbon tied around the candle allows it to shine in a different aspect. The black feathers and harmonica placed quietly in the back of the lantern work because the color scheme isn’t disrupted. The miniature Eiffel tower holds the door open so the display is visible, and the silver is echoed in the harmonica.

This can be replicated with other objects you have. As long as they are in the same color family (and fit within the parameters of the lantern) they’ll support each other and the display you aim to create.

What are some ways you’d like to decorate your lantern? Share your ideas or pictures with us!