Celebrate Spring with LightOne thing about winter is that it sure can be dark. Now that spring is arriving, it's time to turn our faces to the light and that's easy to do with these lighted decorations that will help bring the joy of spring to your décor and everyones heart.

1. Start with Green! For much of the country that's been covered in snow, it's been a long time since the world looked green. This lighted bendable green leaf branch can bring spring green into your home now.

lighted green leaf branch

Reminiscent of willow branches, these bendable twigs have 60 battery-operated LED lights. Add to other arrangements for greenery and light, or stand alone and hang a colorful flock of purchased or handmade butterflies from the branches.

2. Add color! Colorful lighted floral branches and trees can turn any décor instantly into a celebration of spring.

Lighted blossom tree

This pink cherry blossom tree measures 32" in height and is adorned with 108 pink flowers with cool white LEDs at their centers. This colorful tree not only will provide a beautiful source of ambient light, but will bring the beauty of spring flowers right into your home.

Yellow forsythia branch

Nothing heralds the coming of spring quite like the early blooming forsythia, which you can now bring right into your own home. These bendable brown twigs are realistically adorned with the characteristic golden forsythia blossom, each with a warm white LED light.

3. Nature's Best. Pussy willows are an iconic symbol of spring bursting forth in nature. If you don't live where you can gather your own pussy willows, you can still enjoy a touch of spring with these
lighted pussy willow branches.

Lighted pussy willow branches

Each brown bendable branch measures 20 inches in height and is adorned with 60 warm white LEDs that illuminate the 60 soft and fuzzy pussy willows - just like the real thing, only better! These are the perfect way to celebrate spring and provide soft ambient lighting.

4. Beautiful Blossoms. Get a jump on spring by creating your own 
cherry blossom festival. Glowing a vibrant pink, each strand measures 30 feet in lighted length and has 100 super bright pink LEDs at the center of pink flowers. 

cherry blossom lights 
Wrap your railings and banisters in golden forsythia blossoms. Each 6 foot lighted length of garland has 96 incandescent rice lights to add springtime sparkle to any décor.

yellow forsythia garland