How to Decorate for Easter EleganceWe talked about How to Decorate for Easter Fun involving kid-friendly Easter decorating. Here we'll look at how you can use lights to create a more formal setting with your Easter décor.

Easily design a formal dining table for an elegant Easter dinner using these great lighted products:

1. LED Flameless Pillar Candles

These scented wax candles are realistic with a "melted" looking edge and a flickering flame that is safe and battery operated. Choose from:

Vanilla Scented Ivory Pillar Candle

Flameless Pillar Candle

Rose Sceneted Pink Pillar Candle

Moving Wick Flameless Candle

Sea Breeze Scented Sky Blue Pillar Candle

Moving Wick Candle

2. Battery Operated Fairy String Lights

Fairy lights are perfect for lighting up a centerpiece or weaving through a floral arrangement. There are many different types from which to choose, including:

Amber LED Fairy Lights

LED Fairy Lights

Each LED light (about the size of a grain of rice) looks like a glimmering water droplet clinging to a green ultra thin wire.

                                  Warm White Fairy Moon String Lights

LED Fairy Moon Lights

The ultra thin coin cell battery pack makes these fairy moon lights perfect for hiding in floral arrangements.             

And try these other formal Easter light decorations:       

                                            Mini Classic String Lights

Mini classic string lights

Hang mini string lights in windows and doorways or over railings and mantels to add festivity to any of your Easter gatherings with family and friends. 

                                       Pink Bonsai Cherry Blossom Tree

                     Lighted Bonsai Tree

Celebrate spring with your Easter décor by adding this beautiful lighted cherry blossom tree. It's 32 inch height and bendable branches make it perfect for creating a special Easter tree for hanging Easter eggs.