Halloween Lights: 5 Fast and Easy Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Give Your House that Haunted Glow

It is almost that time again...when Halloween lights cast ghostly shadows that appear to linger in the yard while the flicker of dancing candle lights and taunting string lights beckon only the bravest souls to knock on your front door. That, or you have the best candy on the block. Either way, the spooky and festive decor of Halloween isn’t the same without the special effects of lights. Treat your trick-or-treaters or Halloween party goers to that haunted feel with these fast and easy Halloween lighting ideas:

1. Strungout outdoor string lights.

You probably already know that string lights come in just about every color imaginable. Simply wrapping the bare branches of the trees in your yard with multiple overlapping strands of purple, orange, and green string lights can create an elegant and dramatic look with very little effort. Use additional lighted branches and twigs to add to the drama.

2. Battery operated string lights are so versatile it’s scary.

A stylish and creative alternative to #1 is winding battery operated string lights (usually in white) around seasonal twig forms such as spiders, webs, scarecrows and pumpkins for a dewy sparkle that can easily be removed and reused for other occasions. Or, an even more convenient option is the lighted vine pumpkins that come ready for your doorstep, table or inside decor. It doesn’t get easier than that.

 Vine pumpkins LED light

3. Wicked flickering flameless candles and lights.

Tap into the magic of Halloween with battery operated flameless candles to achieve the ominous flicker and glow of candles without the hazard of fire. Jack-o-lanterns are the obvious choice, but we also love these adorable mummy luminaries made with household gauze, a clear vase or candle holder, eyes, and battery operated candles.

Flameless Candles
To embellish your Halloween effects, try using different colored LED lights.  

Mummy votives color changing

Or, simply place your flameless LED pillar candles at the foot of any headstone you have propped in your yard for an instant eerie graveyard feel.

4. Haunted glowing ghosts.

If you love Halloween crafts, then this is a great last minute Halloween project to do with the kids. Use an empty milk jug (gallon jugs work best), a black permanent marker, and draw your desired silly or scary ghost face. Drop a strand of warm or cool white battery operated Halloween string lights inside and you now have a glowing ghost.

Battery Operated Lights

5. Get your glow on.

Glowing jars conjure up images of mad scientists and eerie spectacles. Fascinate your visitors with these ridiculously easy glowing jars. Cut open a non-toxic glow stick, empty the contents into a mason jar (or similar), close it and shake. This one is sure to get everyone’s attention.

Glow Sticks

More techniques to trick your treaters.

Mirrors or a disco ball can be used to reflect light (particularly when used with strobe lights or flashing lights) and amplify its effects. Another idea is invisible ink used with a black light to give your guests a scary greeting. If you have easy Halloween lighting tips and tricks that you would like to share, we would love to hear about them- please tell us about it in your comments below!

On a more serious note, we also have a few important reminders about safety. It is always best to use outdoor lights outdoors. As well, using LED bulbs are advisable since they do not get as hot and they use less electricity. And, of course, we recommend that little ones wear lights while trick-or-treating in the dark and that adults carry a flashlight for better visibility.

Have a fun and safe Halloween from all of us at Lights for All Occasions!

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