Convert AA Battery Pack to USB or AC Electric Power Plug

Convert AA Battery Pack to USB or AC Electric Power Plug
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Convert your AA battery pack device into a USB powered or AC plug in powered device with this innovative power converter. Simply insert the battery shaped positive and negative terminals into the battery pack and plug it in! If you decide to switch back to battery power, no problem, the converter is easily removed and reusable. This converter works with many of our battery operated lighted branches and battery operated string lights that use battery packs that require 2 - 4 AA batteries. 

  • 2 prong AC plug for powering by electric wall plug
  • USB plug for optional powering by computer USB port
  • Wire color: Black
  • Indoor use only
  • Converts items that require 2 - 4 AA Batteries
  • Compatible with branches with up to 96 lights
  • About 9.5 foot long black cord
  • Input: 100-240V, 50/60 HZ 
  • Output: 5V, or 800mA
  • Helpful hint: Red battery must be installed closest to power switch. Install black battery on the opposite side of the battery pack farthest from the red battery.

AA Battery Converter, USB or AC Power PlugUse AC Electric Power Plug or USB Interface to convert power for your battery packs.

USB or AC Electric Plug Battery Pack ConverterNote: For 3- and 4-bay battery packs, ensure that the conversion batteries are positioned on the opposite sides of the pack, leaving the center bays empty.