Purple Fairy Lights

Experience the wondrous glow of our purple fairy lights! With a rich purple tint in each LED bulb, these string lights are perfect for birthday celebrations and wedding decor. An ultra thin wire holds micro sized LED bulbs that are energy efficient and long lasting. With a variety of styles, from submersible lights to curtain strands, these brilliant bulbs create the best in holiday and event decor! Explore our collection of fairy lights for your wedding, home or holiday event!

Fairy Moon Lights, LED, 4 foot, Silver Wire, Battery, Purple
Regular Price: $3.45
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Fairy Lights, LED, 6 foot, Silver Wire, Battery, Timer, Purple
Regular Price: $4.95
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String Light, Outdoor Battery Operated, Micro LED, Purple, 18 Lights
Price: $4.95
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Fairy Lights, 10 feet, Outdoor Battery Op, 30 LEDs, Black Wire, Purple
Price: $5.95
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Fairy Lights, 36 LEDs, 9 ft, Battery Operated, Multi Function, PURPLE
Price: $14.95
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Fairy Lights, 10ft, Outdoor Battery Op, 60 LEDs, Multifunction, Purple
Price: $11.95
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