Bulbs for Battery Candle Lamps

Give your battery operated candle lamp a little Christmas flair with a color changing replacement bulb! These replacement bulbs rotated between blue, green and red. Try the newer white Silicone Tip Replacement Bulb with your candle lamp to create the illusion of a natural flame. Go traditional with a clear glass 3 Volt Replacement Bulb for Cordless Candle Lamps. Find more Flameless Candle and Window Candle ideas.

Frosted Replacement Bulb for Battery Operated Candle Lamps, Color Changing, 3V DC
Price: $3.95
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Replacement Bulbs for Cordless Welcome Candle Lamps, 3 volt DC, 2-pack
Price: $1.25
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Replacement Bulb, Silicone Tip 3V for Electric Candle Lamps
Price: $1.95
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