About LightsForAllOccasions.com

LightsForAllOccasions.com is owned and operated by Vaughan Premier, Ltd. a recognized leader in online sales, service and fulfillment.  We are located in the Smokey Point area near Arlington, Washington about 35 miles North of Seattle.  We operate a number of online ventures and fulfill orders to customers throughout the United States from our west coast warehouse.

We've been in business since February 2001, providing products to our customers around the U.S. In recent years we have focused our efforts on our eCommerce ventures.  Our first eCommerce site focused on innovative ergonomics products, many of which were designed and manufactured by our own product development team.  Our second eCommerce site, CoolSafetyProducts.com widened our online product line offering a unique collection of cutting edge safety solutions. 

With stricter requirements in building fire codes and the growing demand for safe indoor decorative lighting, Vaughan Safety, Inc. launched our third site, LittleBrightLights.com.  This site features exciting decorative and novelty lighting that is a safe alternative to burning candles, torches and hot incandescent bulbs. 

LightsForAllOccasions.com builds upon our success in the decorative lighting industry and extends the product selection and improves upon the shopping experience of LittleBrightLights.com.  LightsForAllOccasions.com delivers on a more efficient shopping experience with an even larger selection of products.  You may also be interested in our other ecommerce sites, SafetyLightsAndSignals.com, SafetyAwarenessPosters.com and SafetyKnivesAndCutters.com.  Both sites showcase some of our most popular safety products in the emergency lighting and safety cutter product lines. 

If you'd like more information about our company, or any of our online stores, please feel free to fill out our contact form and we will respond promptly.