Fiber Optic Party Centerpiece, Color Changing RGB-Set of 12

Fiber Optic Party Centerpiece, Color Changing RGB
SKU:  FB-10687-12
In stock
Price: $49.99

Fiber Optic Party Centerpieces add lighted splendor when entertaining guests at multiple tables such as at weddings, parties, and dining occasions. These Fiberoptic Party centerpieces operate at the push of a button. They have seven individual color settings with an eighth setting that slowly cycles through each color of the rainbow (shown in picture). Batteries (3 AA) ARE included! Don't miss your chance to light up the room not only with your presence, but with an amazing fiber optic centerpiece as well. Each order includes 12 fibers and bases. 

  • 3 AA Batteries included and replaceable.
  • Fibers measure 11.25" long
  • Metallic chrome cone-shaped base measures 3" diameter
  • 14" total height when in base

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