Fantasia LED Fairy Lights, Silver Wire, 11 Foot, Cool White

Fantasia LED Fairy Lights, Silver Wire, 11 Foot, cool White
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Price: $23.95

These extraordinary light strings have 40 very tiny white LEDs on extra small diameter wires that have been silver plated in a special process. The silver wire adds to the ambiance and light reflection. Lighted strings can be submerged in water, however the battery pack and black power cord cannot.

  • Steady light
  • 40 tiny white LED lights
  • 20 double silver wires, tapered up to 4 feet lighted length
  • 11 foot black cord
  • Battery pack size: 4.15 x 2.75 x 1.15 inches
  • Included battery pack holds 3 D batteries (batteries not included)
  • For longer running time can be used with 20 AA Battery Power Pack or 4.5 volt Plug-in Adapter (sold separately)

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