Vintage Hobnail, Antique Vase, Glass Jar, 4 x 8 Inches, Light Yellow, 12 Pack

Vintage Hobnail, Antique Vase, Glass Jar, 4 x 8 Inches, Light Yellow, 12 Pack
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Our event pack of 12 antique pastel light yellow hobnail jars is the perfect way to add a pop of sunshine color to your wedding, home decor or special event. The vintage appeal of the pastel lemon sherbet colored hobnail allows it to fit in with a variety of decors and themes.  This antique candle holder has the unique bumpy texture hobnail is known for, and a matte, pale yellow finish. The milk glass vase stands 8 inches tall and has a diameter of 4 inches. Also available in 5.75 inch tall and 10 inch tall sizes. Perfect for centerpieces, or hung from shepherd hooks or trees as path and event lighting. They can be used as vases for event decor or wedding floral displays. See all our Hobnail.

8in. Pastel Yellow Hobnail Vase

Use a monochromatic color scheme or mix it up for a beautiful vintage, shabby chic look! Pictured here with a variety of sizes of our pastel yellow hobnail vases, sold separately.

Pastel Hobnail Group Shot

For a playful display, paint some of our birch tree slices (sold separately) with complementary colors and use them as risers for your centerpiece!

Detail, Hobnail Vase as candle shelter

Our opaque vases are white milk glass with an exterior pastel color coat, so each vase has a unique, handmade appeal. Use these popular vessels as floral containers or candle shelters!

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