Acrylic Curtain Light Weights, 2.5 inch Clear Sphere Ball, 12 Pack

Commercial LED Curtain Lights, 6ft wide Clear Wire, Multifunction, Warm White
SKU:  SF-5100001
In stock
Price: $30.99

Our twelve pack of clear acrylic weights is the perfect addition to any set of curtain lights. Keep your curtain lights from wrinkling and moving with this set of clear weighted balls. Each acrylic ball weighs approximately 1.3 ounces and has a 3 inch long loop of fishing line attached, allowing you to easily secure it to the base of your lights. Each sphere has bubbles inside adding to their classy appeal, making them perfect for any range of events. Use them at weddings, parties and special events. See all our Curtain Lights.

Set of 12 Acrylic Curtain Weights

Our weights easily attach to the ends of curtain light wire with a simple loop knot!

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