Commercial LED Curtain Lights, 12ft wide Clear Wire, Multifunction, Cool White

Commercial LED Curtain Lights, 12ft wide Clear Wire, Multifunction, Cool White
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Our 12 foot wide, clear wire Commercial LED Curtain Light Kit with cool white bulbs is an easy way to brighten holidays, weddings or events. This kit has one 12 foot wide motherline with a 4 inch lead and tail. There is an additional 6 foot long lead extension wire. The twenty-four 8.5 foot long drops are 6 inches apart on white wire and each illuminated by 48 cool white LED wide angle bulbs for a total of 1,152 bulbs. The curtain lights are plug in with a low power 60 watt AC adapter good for up to 2,000 lights. Also included is a low power multifunction controller box good for up to 1,400 lights. The ten functions are: Steady, Single Bulb Chase, Shuffle, Single Bulb Fade, Two Bulb Fade, Twinkle, Chase to Dim, Sequential Fade, Fade to Dim and Combo. These cool white curtain lights create a starry effect when placed behind sheer cloth like our organza fabric. Our commercial grade curtain lights are often used to create a wall of lights at wedding venues, casinos, malls, outdoor shopping areas and amusement parks. See all our Curtain Lights.

  • Bulb Type: Cool White LED wide angle bulbs 
  • Light Count: 1,152
  • 12 feet wide by 8.5 feet tall
  • Bulb Spacing: 4 in
  • Hanging Length: 8.5 ft. 
  • Drop Count: 24
  • Drop Spacing: 6 inches
  • Motherline Lead Length: 4 inches (+6 foot extension included)
  • Motherline Tail Length: 4 inches
  • Motherline Wire Color: White
  • Curtain Wire Lead: 6 inches
  • Curtain Wire Color: Clear
  • Plug Type: AC adapter 
  • End-to-End connectable: Additional parts required
  • Grade: Indoor & Covered Outdoor Use
  • Assembly is required

See our video: How to Set Up & Hang Curtain Lights.

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