Square Glass Vase, Clear Cube, 4 x 4 inches, 12 pack

Square Glass Vase, Clear Cube, 4 x 4 inches, 12 pack
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Our event pack of twelve square glass vases are perfect for creating lovely centerpieces at any event or setting. Each clear cube features a cut and polished rim. Wrap our vases in burlap for rustic charm or add our diamond ribbon for an event you need more glitz and glam. The 4 inch wide top allows allows for easy arrangement of flowers, candles and more. Add vase filler and lights to our 4 inch tall clear cube vases to easily dress up table decor, mantles and more. Also available, our 5 inch square glass vase 12 pack. See all our Decorative Vases.

4 inch glass cube vases, one dozen

12 Pack, 4-inch Glass Cube Vases with birch naturals

Pictured with our rectangular birch planters and 8" round birch tree slices.

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