Birch Bark Wood Planter Box, Natural Fiber, Liner, Square, 4.75 inches

Birch Bark Wood Planter Box, Natural Fiber, Liner, Square, 4.75 inches
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Our natural birch bark wood and abaca fiber planter box can add rustic charm to any setting and the included plastic liner allows for easy arrangement of flowers, candles and more. Incorporate into your wedding or event decor as a vase centerpiece or add fairy lights for a unique lighting element. These woodland style planter boxes measure approximately 4.75 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. The walls are approximately 1/4 inch thick and have a twine top. Add these planter boxes to rustic or country themed weddings and events. Also available in a 12 pack. See all our Natural Wood Decor.

  • Birch Bark Planter with Abaca Fiber interior
  • Top diameter: Approx. 4.75 inches
  • Height: Approx. 4.5 inches
  • Includes Plastic Liner
  • Also available in a 12 pack

*Please note that as in nature, each piece is unique and the appearance of the bark along with the planter diameter may vary slightly from photos. Bark may peel somewhat in transit due to the dryness of the product.

4.75 inch square birch planter

Set of Birch Bark Planters

Pictured with our 5.75 square birch planter, 5" round and 6.5" round planters, and deer antler pick.

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