Vintage Bird Cage, Rectangular, 14 in. & 17 in., Black & Gold, Set of 2

Vintage Bird Cage, Rectangular, 14 in. & 17 in., Black & Gold, Set of 2
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Birdcages have a variety of decorative uses. They can be used as a way to collect cards at weddings. They can be lit with string lights, fairy lights or pillar candles and used as centerpieces, table decor, or even hung in trees to create a truly magical setting. This makes birdcages a great addition to wedding and event decor. Each of these rectangular birdcages has a top that opens on a hinge, a small door on the front that swings on a hinge. Designed with convenience in mind, these antique inspired birdcages have hooks that allow for easy hanging. The largest birdcage measures 17 inches high by 11 inches by 7.75 inches while the smallest measures 14 inches tall by 8.5 inches x 5.5 inches.

  • A set of two black and gold rectangular birdcages
  • Both birdcages have a top on hinges and a front door on hinges
  • Come with hooks for hanging
  • Small birdcage measures 14" high (16" with hook) x 8.5" x 5.5"
  • Large birdcage measures 17" high (20" with hook) x 11" x 7.75"
  • Birdcages can be stored one inside the other for more compact storage

black and gold rectangular birdcages

black and gold birdcage with fairy lights

Pictured above with the 20 foot battery operated warm white fairy lights (sold separately)

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