Bubble Glass Flower Vase, 5.5x8 inch, Terrarium Jug, Vintage Green, 6 Pk

Vintage Green Bubble Glass Jar Flower Vase, 5.5 x 8 inches, Centerpiece, 6 Pk
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This six pack of green bubble glass vintage-style jar flower vases makes great centerpiece vases for weddings, home and event decor. Each jar is 8 inches tall with a top diameter of 3.5 inches. The opening is 2 inches allowing you to customize it with a floral arrangement, fairy lights, candles or even add plants to create a terrarium. Each jug is unique with light blemishes and bubbles inspired by recycled glass, adding to their antique-like appeal. Also see our Green Bubble Glass Milk Bottle Vase 6 Pack and Green Bubble Glass Milk Jug Vase 4 Pack.

Pictured with Green Bubble Glass Milk Bottle Vase, Green Bubble Glass Milk Jug Vase and 6 Inch Green Bubble Glass Jar Vase.

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