Stylish Porch Party Ideas from Lifestyle Expert JJ Keras

JJ Keras, a lifestyle expert and regular on WREG Channel 3 in Memphis, gave a nod in her segment last week on Stylish Porch Parties

We love these ideas -- the wine cooler is amazing, and those plastic mugs could easily be our mason jar mugs with lids and straws.

 Here's what JJ used from us in the segment:

1. Quart Mason Jar Fairy Lights

One of our favorite items, these quart-sized mason jar fairy lights are perfect to brighten your porch, especially as dusk falls. If you're throwing a porch party, mason jar fairy lights are an essential!

Green Mason jar lights also available.

2. Chicken Wire Mason Jar Holders

Whether you want to protect your glass mason jars from wandering feet along your mason jar fairy light lit path, or hang them from stanchions or shepherd's hooks, these mason jar holders are a rustic yet classy addition to your porch party decor.

3. Blue Wine Bottles with Flameless Candles

Our up-cycled cut-bottom wine bottles are perfect for stylish porch parties! JJ used our blue bottles with staggered flameless pillar candles to create a cool glow. Again, these will really stand out as the sun goes down! Check out all our wine bottle lights