Police Beacon Light, 8 inch, 110V, BLUE

Police Beacon Light, 8 inch, 110V, BLUE
SKU:  CM-80217B
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Price: $19.99

These bright rotating police beacons will draw attention to any process, event or hazard. Motorized revolving dual-reflector shines light in 2 directions at the same time while rotating, with very high visibility. Send cool rays of blue light spinning around the room that will brighten and add life to any party! Browse our entire collection of Police Lights Collection!

  • In-line rotary switch
  • 4 foot cord
  • Standard 2-pronged plug
  • UL Listed
  • 110 Volt Power
  • 8" tall x 7" wide at base x 5" wide at top
  • For indoor use only
  • Choose from Red or Blue

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