Paper Lantern, Round, Irregular Ribbing, 12 Inch, White

Paper Lantern, Round, Irregular Ribbing, 12 Inch, White
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White paper lanterns make any wedding, holiday or special occasion even brighter! At a big, twelve inches in diameter, these white paper lanterns are the perfect touch to any indoor display! Customize lanterns with different lights for easy lighting and personalized events and home decor done your way. Traditional warm white bulbs will add an air of sophistication, or mix it up with a colored bulb for more fun! They can attach to our single or triple socket electrical cords and even be used with our battery operated LED paper lantern lights. These round, white paper lanterns can fold flat for easy storage until their next use! Imagine your home or event with our white paper lanterns!

Shown with Black Power Cord for Lanterns and Party Bulb. (sold separately)

12 Inch White Paper Lantern

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