Votive Candle Holders with Crystals, 2.75 in., Silver, Set of 6

Jeweled Metal Votive Candle Holders, 2.75 in., Set of 6
SKU:  PO-921665CLR-6
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Price: $44.65

These beautiful metal votive candle holders are adorned with clear faux crystals that reflect the warm flicker of candlelight creating a gorgeous light display perfect for weddings, special events and home décor. Available in a convenient pack of 6, each candle holder measures 2.75 inches tall and measures approximately 3 inches in diameter at the top and 2.125 inches at the base. See all the votive candle holders!

  • A pack of 6 faux crystal votive candle holders
  • Dimensions: 2.75 inch Height x 3 inch Diameter (widest point) and 2.125 inch Diameter (narrowest point)
  • Fits most tea lights and votive candles (sold separately)

Pictured above with the liquid fuel cell tea light (sold separately)

Shown with the 3.75 inch jeweled metal candle holder (sold separately)

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