Motorized Rotating Vase Light Base, 8 inches, White

Motorized Rotating Vase Light Base, 8 inches, White
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This eye pleasing and innovative 8" diameter turning base has 2 speeds, approximately 1.5 rpm and 2.5 rpm. It will support up to 10 lbs. Battery powered using 4 AA batteries (sold separately), it will run for more than 12 hours per set of batteries. For more permanent applications there is a receptacle for a plug-in power adapter. (sold separately)

The inside is designed to accept our Light Base models, LB-RGBW and LB-RGBW6. Just remove the cover, turn on the light base, place it in the fitted location and replace the cover. Place any clear object such as a vase, bottle or glass sculpture on top and voila, you've got a fabulous lighted turning centerpiece.

Motorized, Rotating Vase Light Base