Mason Jar With Lid, Wide Mouth Pint, 16 oz, 12 PACK

Ball Mason Jar With Lid, Small Mouth, 16 oz, 12 PACK
SKU:  JH-66000-12
In stock
Price: $18.25

Create rustic Mason jar displays for centerpieces, path lights, floral displays and numerous other DIY projects. Simply add battery operated fairy lights, battery operated tealights, flameless LED candlesfairy berries or any other light of your choosing to take your display to the next level, creating a beautiful luminary perfect for weddings, special events, home décor, patio lighting and more! See all our Mason Jars.

  • 12 Pack
  • Dimensions: 3.25 inch diameter, 4.75 inches high
  • 16 oz. Ball Mason jar with silver lid
  • Wide mouth
  • Perfect for: centerpieces, DIY lighting, path lights, floral displays and much more

Pictured above with warm white fairy moon lights

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