Submersible FloraLyte II, 2 Super Bright White LEDs, Pack of 10

FloraLyte Submersible II, 2 Super Bright White LEDs, Pack of 10
SKU:  AL-S2FLWN-08540
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Twice the light output of regular submersible FloraLytes, these double LED light units by AcoLyte are compact, re-usable, waterproof, wireless LED lights, perfect for lighting up vases and any liquid-filled table centerpiece. These lights are about 1.25 inches in diameter by about 1 inch high. The submersible FloraLytes can be turned on or off by twisting the base of the unit. Each light uses two CR-2032 batteries (included and replaceable).

  • A pack of 10 submersible FloraLytes, each with two super bright white LEDs
  • Dimensions: 1.25 inches diameter x 1 inch height
  • Operate on 2 x CR-2032 cell batteries (included and replaceable)
  • Submersible, waterproof
  • Twist on/off feature