LED Lighted Rally Cheer Stick, PINK, Set of 12

LED Lighted Rally Cheer Stick, PINK, Set of 12
SKU:  FB-11211-PI-12
In stock
Price: $26.99

This cheer stick is a perfect way to boost spirits—but don’t let it touch the ground! The 15” foam stick houses a solid pink LED light, activated by a switch at the bottom. The steady glow beams from the handle and shines throughout the length. The 1.5” diameter is easy to grip and wave whether you’re conducting the marching band or raising pep at a rally. Each order comes with 12 cheer sticks.

  • Set of 12
  • Constant pink LED light
  • On/off switch at end of foam stick
  • 15” in length with 1.5” diameter 
  • 3 AG13 batteries are included and replaceable

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